Aon Building Los Angeles
Aon Building Los Angeles

Aon Building Los Angeles: Located at 707 Wilshire Boulevard in downtown Los Angeles, California, the Aon Center is a 62-story, 860-foot-tall (260-meter) Modernist office skyscraper. Excavation on the site began in late 1970, and construction of the tower was finished in 1973.

Bronze-clad structure

The rectangular bronze-clad structure with white trim, designed by Charles Luckman, is extremely slim for a skyscraper in a seismically active location.

It is the third-tallest structure in Los Angeles, the fourth-tallest structure in California, and the 58th-tallest structure in the United States of America. The Aon Corporation emblem, which serves as the building’s anchor tenant, is prominently visible at the top in red.

Aon Building Los Angeles
Aon Building Los Angeles

The Aon Center is a 62-story skyscraper in Los Angeles with a height of 262 meters. In 1974, it was the tallest skyscraper in Los Angeles until it was surpassed by the 310-meter US Bank Tower in 1990 when the structure was demolished.


The Aon Center is in the Downtown Los Angeles area of Los Angeles, California, United States of America, 90017. It is at 707 Wilshire Boulevard. At its largest, the Class A office building has 1,090,800 square feet and was built in 1974. In Los Angeles, CA, there is an office space for rent at 707 Wilshire Boulevard. It has 8,065 square feet. $30/Sqft/Year The largest available space is 8,065 square feet and costs $30 per square foot per year to rent.

Office space for rent in Downtown Los Angeles totals 8,065,690.03 square feet. There are 729 office spaces for rent in Downtown Los Angeles. You can find office space in 251 places in the 90017 zip code, which has 2,531,126 square feet. Asking office rent per square foot in Downtown Los Angeles is $36.53/sqft/year. Compared to Class A+ office buildings, the average rate for Class A office buildings is $36.12/sqft/year; the average rate for Class A is $39.15/sqft/year, and the average rate for Class B office buildings is $36.15/sqft/year. The rate for Class C office buildings is $28.53/sqft/year.

There is 47 class A office buildings in Downtown Los Angeles, and they are all in the same area. There are 23 office buildings in Downtown Los Angeles that have been certified by LEED. In 1974, the same year that the Aon Center was built, Los Angeles added 228 more commercial properties (office, industrial, and retail) totaling more than 50,000 square feet. This added up to 5,914,829 square feet of commercial space. There are 42 businesses in the zip code, and 40 of them are bigger than 50,000 square feet.

Aon Building Los Angeles
Aon Building Los Angeles


When it was built in 1989, it was the tallest building in LA.
From 1974 to 1982, it was the tallest building west of the Mississippi River. The JPMorgan Chase Tower in Houston, Texas, took its place.
In November 1972, the United California Bank Building was finished and ready to be used.
When the foundation was built, the building set a new record for the amount of concrete that was poured at the same time.
This building’s construction is important because it was done on time and on budget.
There is an extra garage for the building at 637 Wilshire Boulevard. Through a tunnel, it is connected to the garage of the tower’s tallest building.
There is a three-level concrete structure under the tower that has room for 579 cars. The garage under the tower has room for 243 cars.
There is a central core that holds the elevators and stairwells. The structure is organized around this core. The building has three stair shafts.
It takes up about 17,500 square feet (1,626 m2) of net floor space on each normal floor.
Mechanics rooms are on levels 4, 5, 20, 22, 40, and 42. They are also on levels 4, 5, 20, 22, 40, and 42 and on levels 40 and 42.
On the sixth floor, there is a cafeteria for the employees to use. The kitchen is also on the 60th floor.
The California Club used to live in the southern part of this land.
It was the first time in history that the city of Los Angeles moved its financial center away from Spring Street.
On May 4, 1988, a fire broke out on the 12th floor, killing one person and injuring 40 more. The fire damaged five stories.

Since its completion in 2017, the Wilshire Grand Tower has maintained its position as the third tallest structure in the city. There is a square foundation to the structure, as well as a black facade with white corners. The red Aon plc logo appears at the top of the page.

A fire broke out on the 12th level of the building on May 4, 1988, killing one person and injuring 40 others. In addition, five levels were completely damaged, resulting in a $ 50 million loss. It took four months to complete the ensuing repairs.

The north entrance is on the same level as 6th Street and is designated as BL (Bank-Level since a Wells Fargo bank branch occupies the eastern half of that floor). The east and west walkways slope down to Wilshire Boulevard, with stairs going up to the south entrance on the east side.

A bank of elevators on the south side of BL and an escalator on the north side of BL both take you up to the ML (Main Lobby) level, where you’ll find further elevators that will take you to floors 4-62. Despite the fact that ML is twice the height of BL, there is no 2nd story (hence, this is a 62-story tower with only 61 floors).

It also goes down to the subterranean levels LBL (Lower Bank-Level), LL1 (Lower Level 1 with an evacuation tunnel that was used by firemen in 1988), and LL2 (Lower Level 2 with an evacuation tunnel that was utilized by firefighters in 1988). (valet parking garage).

Aon Building Los Angeles
Aon Building Los Angeles