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Steve Bronski Wiki: Bronski Beat was a British synthpop trio that earned fame in the mid-1980s, notably with the chart-topping single “Smalltown Boy” from their first album The Age of Consent, which peaked at number one in the UK in 1984. “Smalltown Boy” was the band’s lone Billboard Hot 100 hit in the United States.

All of the members of the band were openly homosexual, and their music reflected this, with many of their songs having political commentary on LGBT-related subjects, particularly in the 1980s. Jimmy Somerville (vocals), Steve Bronski (born Steven William Forrest, keyboards, percussion), and Larry Steinbachek were the members of the band’s first lineup, which was responsible for the majority of the band’s successful singles (keyboards, percussion).

Bronski Beat split up in 1985 and Somerville found fame as the lead vocalist of The Communards and as a solo artist after that period of time. He was replaced by vocalist John Foster, with whom the band continued to enjoy successful singles in the United Kingdom and Europe through the end of the decade. Foster departed Bronski Beat following the release of their second album, and the band went through a number of vocalists until disbanding in 1995.

Steve Bronski brought the band back to life in 2016, recording new songs with original member Ian Donaldson from the 1990s. Steinbacher passed away later that year, while Bronski passed away in 2021.

The cause of Steve Bronski’s death has not been made public due to the nature of the situation. The devastating news was originally shared on his band’s official Facebook page, which was the first to do so.

The co-founder of Bronski Beat, Jimmy Somerville, expressed his sadness on Twitter, writing, “Sad to hear Steve Bronski has gone.” He also praised Bronski’s musical talents as well as his pleasant demeanor and demeanor.

In contrast, Somerville has made no public statements on the circumstances behind the keyboardist’s untimely demise. After appearing in a documentary for an LGBTQ arts festival, Bronski met Larry Steinbachek and Jimmy Somerville, with whom he established the band Bronski Beat in 1983. Bronski was born Steve Forrest in the Scottish city of Glasgow, and he was raised there.

Steve Bronski was killed in a way.

Steve Bronski Wiki
Steve Bronski Wiki

He died, but no one knows what caused him. The sad news first came out on his band’s official Facebook page.

Jimmy Somerville, a co-founder of Bronski Beat, tweeted: “Sad to hear that Steve Bronski has passed away. He was a great guy.”

He also said that Bronski was talented at music and had a nice personality.

On the other hand, Somerville hasn’t talked about the keyboardist’s sudden death.

Steve Bronski’s biography is on Wikipedia.

People who work for the BBC News and The Guardian say that Bronski Beat co-founder and keyboardist Steve Bronski has died. On the BBC, he was 61-years-old.

He was born in Scotland, but Bronski was raised in Glasgow. He co-founded Bronski Beat with Larry Steinbachek and Jimmy Somerville in 1983 after they made a documentary about an LGBTQ arts festival.

At a show for gay charity the next year, Bronski Beat played their first live show. In 1984, they released “Smalltown Boy,” which is about a gay man fleeing to the big city.

The synth-pop song was known for its longing, often-sampled piano riff, which made it to the top of the UK charts and set the stage for the group’s memorable TV performances.

Somerville and Larry Steinbachek started the band in 1983. Bronski, who was born Steven Forrest, was one of the three people who started the band. The three members of the band were all openly gay and tried to fight what they thought was the inoffensive tone of the time’s LGBT entertainers by putting politically charged topics into their music. They were called “perhaps the first truly gay group in pop history” by Spin magazine in the United States.

Steve Bronski Wiki
Steve Bronski Wiki

The “largest public housing development in Europe,” as Bronski told Smash Hits, is where he was born and raised. As a stagehand, a worker, and a stock controller in Harrods, he also played bass in a country and western band. He came home “several times.” In 1983, he moved to London. In 1984, he told Melody Maker that he didn’t like how his family didn’t accept that he was gay.

In the fall of 1983, Bronski Beat played their first show at the Bell bar in King’s Cross. It was six songs and six encores. In Smash Hits, Bronski said, “I knew something was going to happen because the crowd was so excited.” Because I knew the group would do well as soon as I heard Jimmy sing.

It was Paul Morley’s request to join his ZTT record company that they turned down. “His idea was for us to wear and promote T-shirts that effectively said that we were gay, with words like “QUEER” or “POOF” on them,” Somerville told Electronic Beats. In place of that, Morley signed “Frankie Goes to Hollywood,” but

Bronski Beat’s first song, Smalltown Boy, was released in 1984. It tells the story of a young gay man who flees his family and is prejudiced in his hometown for an unknown life in London. The number of the London Gay Switchboard was written on the inside of the record.

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Steve Bronski is said to be worth $10 million.

He was born in Glasgow, Scotland, and started the band with Jimmy Somerville and Larry Steinbachek in 1983. Bronski says he was born Steve Forrest.

“Steve’s death is a shock,” Somerville said. His skills as a guitar player were exceptional, and he had a natural sense of melody.

After making their live debut at the homosexual charity event September in the Pink the same year, Bronski Beat went on to release the classic track “Smalltown Boy” in 1984, which was about a gay guy who decides to leave his small town for the big metropolis.

The synth-pop hit, which was instantly recognizable for its longing, oft-sampled piano melody, entered the UK Top 3 and set the stage for the group’s famous appearances on prime time television.

They collaborated with Marc Almond in 1985 to record a cover of Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love,” which was released as a single. “Love to Love You Baby” by Summer and John Leyton’s “Johnny Remember Me” were also included in the full version, which was essentially a mashup of songs. It was a huge hit, peaking at number three in the United Kingdom and matching the chart performance of “Smalltown Boy.”

However, despite the fact that the original song had been one of Marc Almond’s all-time favorites, he had never studied the words and as a result, on the completed album, he wrongly sang “What will it be, what will it be, you and me?” instead of “Falling free, falling free, falling free.”

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