Whitney Rose Husband Net Worth

Whitney Rose Husband Net Worth
Whitney Rose Husband Net Worth

Whitney Rose Husband Net Worth: It may be that the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City has come to an end, but fans at home are still eager in learning everything they can about the show’s cast members.

His Net worth is estimated to be in range of $3M to $5M.

The identity of Whitney Rose, a descendant of “Mormon Royalty” who has decided to live a life free of religion for more than a decade, has piqued the interest of many admirers.

Whitney Rose and her husband Justin are a refreshing sight amid a sea of catastrophic brunches and girls’ excursions that go horribly wrong on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. They appear to have it all and seem to have it all together.

Fans at home are still curious about the cast of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, even though the show is over.

In Whitney Rose, a descendant of “Mormon royalty,” a lot of people want to know more about her. She hasn’t been a member of the church for more than a decade.

Whitney’s bio has information about her age, wealth, and marriage.

When Whitney Rose and her husband are together, they are one of the show’s cutest couples.

There were many years before Whitney and Justin were cast on RHOSLC. They worked together for a long time. They started to fall in love with each other. There were no families or lives of his own before they met. However, they haven’t looked back since they had sex, which led to their own wedding.

On the side, Justin is the chief sales officer for LifeVantage, which is a company that sells health and well-being products. As vice president of Shaklee Corporation, he had been in charge of a lot of different things. That’s not how he first met Whitney. He worked for a company called Nu Skin Enterprises. People in Salt Lake City think Justin is a big deal. Whitney knows this.

Whitney Rose Husband Net Worth
Whitney Rose Husband Net Worth

whose name did Justin Rose have an ex-wife?

Before Whitney, Justin was married to Stasie Koford, who worked for Nu Skin. Stacie has also gotten married again, and it looks like she has moved on from the breakup of her marriage to Justin. A picture of Justin posted on Instagram shows that he and Stasie had three children together. He also has two younger kids with Whitney.

Whitney and their kids can live a certain way because Justin Rose has a lot of money.

Whitney’s net worth is now $ 3 million, but the housewife hasn’t always had it easy in life. Whitney had to give up everything about 10 years ago to be with her husband, Justin Rose. For having sex with another man, she was excommunicated from the Mormon Church. In the beginning, Whitney had sex with her boss, Justin, even though she was married to another man and Justin was married to another woman. The couple, on the other hand, was so in love with each other that they didn’t care what society thought. They broke up their relationships so that they could marry each other.

Her time on “RHOSLC” made Whitney a household name. The housewife worked in the cosmetics business before becoming a fan favorite reality TV star. Nu Skin was Whitney’s place of work for a long time. She then left to work for InVision Communications, her LinkedIn profile says. Whitney worked for three years at InVision Communications. She used her skills and experience to start Wild Rose Beauty, a “clean skincare” business, after that. In the words of the brand’s website, their goal is “to give your skin the nutrients it needs and make you want to shine from the inside out.”

Whitney’s wealth looks like it’s going up all the time thanks to her husband’s job as chief sales officer at LifeVantage Corporation, her checks from Bravo, and her own skincare business.

Bobbie Rose and Brooks Tyler Rose were their children. They were born on April 19, 2010.

Whitney and Justin were both Mormons, but Whitney said she left the church after having a relationship with her boss, Justin, who was also her boyfriend at the time. They haven’t said it out loud, but Justin is also thought to have left the Mormon religion.

Whitney Rose Husband Net Worth
Whitney Rose Husband Net Worth

Whitney has formed a bond with Justin’s kids, even though they started out as a relationship and now they live together. The two of them are very close. Austin is a friend to her. Her stepchildren were also excited to see her on RHOSLC.


While it is true that they were both previously married and that they both acknowledged having an affair with one other before they divorced their prior wives, they are unquestionably one of the most endearing aspects of the Bravo television series.

Whitney and Justin, in contrast to some of the other couples on the program, who have each had their own set of problems (many of which began before RHOSLC was ever a thing), appear to be in a good place.

At the very least, they appear to be keeping any marital troubles they may be experiencing hidden from view, which is probably for the best. However, because Justin continues to be one of Whitney’s most ardent supporters, people are interested as to who he is.

Newlyweds are looking forward to the second season of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, which will premiere in 2020 after a successful first season the year before. Episode 1 of Season 2 is set to premiere on September 12th, and if the trailer is any indication, fans can expect an amusing yet explosive ride.

Several years before Whitney’s appearance on RHOSLC, she and Justin were merely co-workers who began to develop affections for one another. Whitney is 18 years older than he is, and he has a family and a life of his own before they met and fell in love together. Since their affair — which eventually led to their own wedding — they haven’t looked back in a significant way.

Outside of RHOSLC, Justin serves as the Chief Sales Officer of LifeVantage, a health and wellness firm that he founded. A former vice president of Shaklee Corporation, he had previously worked for the company. Whitney, on the other hand, met him while he was serving as president of the firm Nu Skin Enterprises. Whatever way you look at it, Justin is somewhat of a celebrity in Salt Lake City, and Whitney is well aware of this.

Whitney Rose Husband Net Worth