Ben Affleck Nanny Affair
Ben Affleck Nanny Affair

Ben Affleck Nanny Affair: Given that Ben and Jennifer had been married for eleven years and had three beautiful children together, the fact that he was back in the arms of his former fiancée was bound to have an influence on their relationship.

They were all smitten with one another and constantly raved about one another. Then came 2015, and they announced that they were parting ways. What exactly happened? Some believe that the Afflecks’ struggle with alcoholism was the final straw in their marriage’s demise.

Ben Affleck Nanny Affair

Despite having three children, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner appeared to be the picture of perfection in their marriage.

When Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck restarted their romance shortly after the singer’s engagement to Alex Rodriguez ended in divorce, fans were taken aback – but they were all waiting for Jennifer Garner’s reaction, which had everyone on pins and needles.

Some, however, blame the couple’s “nanny,” Christine Ouzounian, for the incident. Some believe that Affleck had a sexual relationship with the lovely young lady. Christine appeared to go out of her way to establish a connection between herself and Affleck, rather than trying to keep things under wraps.

Christine even said that she and Ben had a fight on that trip. When we meet Christine, she doesn’t seem afraid at all. And did she enjoy the attention? Significantly.

Jennifer Garner didn’t care about Christine or Ben after the story spread.

Jennifer and Ben broke up, but he stayed in his home’s guesthouse until 2017. Jennifer and Ben also made sure to do a good job of co-parenting. People who know Ben Affleck said that he made the worst mistake of his life when he got married in 2018. When he was a child, he went to and came out of treatment. He has had some relapses, but he looks like he’s on solid ground in his fight to get and stay clean and stay clean. Co-parenting is something that both Affleck and Garner do. They spend time with their kids.

Ben Affleck Nanny Affair
Ben Affleck Nanny Affair


After the breakup, Jennifer said in her first interview about the split that Ben was the “love of her life.” She also said that the attention around their split and “Nannygate” last Summer had been hard to deal with.

I watched CNN one day and there we were, she said. I’m just not going to do it anymore. I made a secret promise to myself last summer. I told myself that I would never use my phone again. I don’t know anything about it. Unplugging from our constant, 24-hour media environment takes a lot of discipline, which some people might think is a lack of interest.

She worked for Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner only a few months, but her relationship with Affleck quickly turned into something more intimate, say people who know them.

Many sources say that Ouzounian, 28, told her friends that she had an affair with Affleck. A friend of Ouzounian says that Christine is in love with him to the point where she doesn’t want to leave.

Affleck has said categorically that he did not have a relationship with Ouzounian. His representative called the claim “total rubbish and full of lies.” One of Affleck’s friends says that he and Ouzounian were friends and worked together. “No romantic or sexual relationship has ever taken place.”

When Ouzounian was hired, Affleck and Ouzounian started dating right away. They often met at the Hotel Bel-Air, which is where they often stayed together. A person who is close to Affleck says that this is not true. Friend: “It’s been going on for a long time.” Ouzounian showed her photos of herself sitting on Affleck’s lap and the two of them kissing, the friend says. According to a second person who knows Ouzounian’s friends, Ouzounian told them that she and Affleck were intimate. The insider said: “For Christine, it was a romantic thing.” Then, a friend told her that she was going to be heartbroken.

She went to the Bahamas with Affleck and his and Garner’s three kids, Violet, 9, Seraphina, six, and Samuel, 3, in June. Garner went down alone to join them. In the Bahamas on June 30, the powerful couple split up.

After Garner came, Ouzounian and Affleck went to Las Vegas to play poker for a good cause. Garner was still in the Bahamas with the kids when she found out about the affair, says a friend of Ouzounian’s who was there. Garner was “furious,” says his friend. And I don’t blame her. If my kids had a relationship with you, how could you do this?

A person who is close to Affleck said that this was not a factor in their breakup. When they were married, there was no extramarital affair during or after their marriage. They had been apart for months.

Ben Affleck Nanny Affair
Ben Affleck Nanny Affair

There are a lot of people who say that Affleck and Ouzounian haven’t seen each other since July 19, when they spent the night together at Affleck’s rented house in LA. Garner, who has been filming Miracles from Heaven in Atlanta, is said to still put her kids first. A person who knows her says, “She is being very brave for them.” “They are still her number one priority.”

It is true that Affleck and Garner were experiencing significant difficulties as a result of Ben Affleck’s alcoholism. But it’s possible that there’s more to it than that. Many people believe that Christine and Ben were at least flirting with one another at one point in time.

Despite the fact that both were involved with other people at the time (Affleck was seeing musician Jennifer Lopez at the time), Affleck subsequently stated that it was on this set that he and Garner fell head over heels in love.


He stated the following in an interview with Playboy: “We met on the television show ‘Pearl Harbor,’ which most people despise, but we fell in love on the show ‘Daredevil.’ By the way, she was victorious in the majority of the battles in the movie, which was a very accurate forecast of what would happen later on — my wife, armed with swords, beating the living s—- out of me.”

In July 2015, Us Weekly published a sensational report stating that Ben Affleck had been participating in an extramarital affair with his children’s nanny, Christine Ouzounian. The story was based on anonymous sources and was published in July 2015.

The woman, according to a source close to Ouzounian, worked for a high-end nanny agency in Beverly Hills and was hired while the couple was already in the midst of an unpublicized, 10-month trial separation at the time of her hiring.

However, it wasn’t long after Ouzounian began working for Affleck that sparks began to fly between the recent college graduate and the actor.

“They would get together without the children. And they were really amorous with one other “according to the alleged source Furthermore, according to the source, the instant Garner discovered that her husband’s connection with the family nanny was anything other than completely professional, she quickly fired Ouzounian.

Ben Affleck Nanny Affair