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Chris Chan Wiki: The age of Chris Chan, also known as Christian Weston Chandler, is 39. Chris describes himself as a lesbian transwoman and believes that he is a woman, although the majority of individuals and members of the transgender community that follow Chris are aware that he is not transgender. Chris is a blogger, YouTube celebrity, and author of the comic strip Sonichu.

He was trending on Twitter on July 30, 2021, after his tape was released onto the internet. In the recording, Chris said that he had sexual relations with this mother, Barbara nicknamed Barb aka Barbie, and that this was the reason for his popularity. The elderly woman who is Chris’s mother, Barbara, is 80 years old and is suffering from dementia.

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Christy Weston When this was written, Chandler was 39 years old. She was born on February 24, 1982, making her 39 at the time.

In terms of animation, the 39-year-old is an expert content creator. He or she has worked on projects like Shrek Retold, Sonic Rebuilt, and Sonichu, the most well-known ones.

People say Christian was suspended from school for a year, during which time she built Sonichu.

She finished it in 2005, but she couldn’t start making the animated show at that time.

A lot of people were trolling her because of her animations.

They began to troll and make fun of her work for many different reasons. Encyclopedia Dramatica, 4chan, and Kiwi Farms were some of them.

However, things went as planned, and Christian spent her time making more and more as time went on.

Christian Weston Chandler was arrested. This is a picture of the Henry County Jail.
When Christian Weston Chandler is arrested, he is being held in the Henry County Jail right now.

The mugshot and its accompanying images are being kept safe, even though they haven’t been shown yet.

A few images of her being arrested have been shared on Twitter. She was then arrested and taken to jail by police.

Chris Chan Wiki
Chris Chan Wiki

She hasn’t been charged with any specific crimes, but they involve geriatric sexual abuse, EPO, and stealing, among other things.

There is a lot of concern in the public because the sexual assault claims come from her mother, who has been abused.

This is what Chris Chan’s mom’s rape texts and what Reddit threads about them are about.
It’s been alleged that Chris Chan, a.k.a. Christian Weston Chandler, was raped by her mother, Barbara Chandler.

As you can see, this topic has been covered by a lot of different people and groups.

In the near future, more information will be out.

Indeed, the public doesn’t understand this issue at all. Because her mother is getting rape texts and threats, some people think that she raped her. She did it.

Chris Chan’s text messages and audio clips in which she talked about this subject were revealed by an unknown source. Then, the police came to arrest her.

Chris is taken away by the police because her mother is now having an old age exam to find out what happened to her.

On Reddit, people have started a thread where they write about what happened and how they feel.

Chris Chan Wiki
Chris Chan Wiki


It is 39 years old. Chris Chan is the real name of Christian Weston Chandler, also known as Chris Chan. Chris says that he is a lesbian transwoman and thinks that he is a woman. Most people in the transgender community who follow Chris know that he is not transgender. On July 30, 2021, after his tape was made public, his name was trending on Twitter because of that. This is what Chris said in the recording: He had sex with this mother. She goes by the names Barb or Barbie or Barb.

Her name is Barbara, Chris’s mother. She is 80 years old, and she has dementia. “She’s got a really, a little bit of a sensitive G-spot because apparently, I don’t believe Mr. C (his late father) or any of her previous boyfriends or ex-husbands ever really hit her G-Spot with their d**k.”

Then he said, “I approached her with care and caution, so I just comforted her and talked to her, and we just kept going from there. We just kept going.” Because she wants to make the first move, he encouraged her to do so. Chris looked like he was having a conversation with a woman named Bella, which made her say, “Oh, she did, really? I thought so.” Yes, she made the first move. Chris said that.

Christopher Weston Chandler was born on February 24, 1982, in Charlottesville, Virginia, to a family of four. His parents, secretary Barbara Anne Weston and General Electric engineer Robert Franklin Chandler Jr. (whom the couple were 40 and 54 years old respectively at the time of Christopher’s birth), are of English and French-Canadian descent; however, despite claims that he is of Cherokee ancestry in numerous YouTube videos, a 23andMe DNA test reveals no evidence of Native American ancestry. Chandler has three older half-siblings.

According to Chandler, when his parents were away, an abusive babysitter locked him in a toy room with the lights turned off, which he considered being traumatic for him. Chandler believes that this event was the cause of his autism (although autism is a genetic condition and is not activated by external events), according to the New York Times.

In addition to being deaf and deaf-mute until the age of seven, Chris attended James Madison University for speech treatment. Chris was finally diagnosed with high-functioning autism when he was five years old.

In addition to being deaf and deaf-mute until the age of seven, Chris attended James Madison University for speech treatment. Chris was finally diagnosed with high-functioning autism when he was five years old.

Chris attended Greene County Primary School from Kindergarten to Third Grade before transferring to Nathaniel Greene Elementary School in Fourth Grade. Chris claims that five faculty members abused him at Nathaniel Greene, pinning him to the ground, holding his wrists and ankles, and audio recording his cries.

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It was in 2007 that people on the fringe chat platform 4chan became aware of Chandler’s comic Sonichu, which featured a character that was a hybrid between Pikachu and Sonic the Hedgehog. Chandler’s life, and that of her mother, have been extensively recorded since then.

The trolls have been watching both Chandler’s digital footprint and her travels in real life since then, and they have done so using a variety of methods including recording, doxing, hacking, and in some cases, impersonating possible partners.