Does Netflix Send Text Messages

Does Netflix Send Text Messages
Does Netflix Send Text Messages

Does Netflix Send Text Messages; If you thought Netflix scams would still be around in 2020, you were wrong. Scammers have come up with a new phishing tactic over the last few weeks. They tell Netflix members through text that their account will be closed because of bad payment information.

Netflix might send you messages depending upon your user settings, but they will never ask about any personal account information. If in a message or email, someone asks you such information then they are probably scam.

While the text (or email, as some users have received) may look like it’s real, many people who didn’t know better found out that it was a scam. This is why it’s important to know how to spot the new “Your Netflix Account Will Be Locked” text scam.

Netflix sent you a text message that said it was a scam. You’ve found the right place. What do you need to know about this new phishing scam that makes you want to scream? (but successful).

In the scam text message from Netflix, what is the message about?
In the last few weeks, users have been getting text messages that say their Netflix account has been suspended and that they must change their payment information in order to get back in. If your payment isn’t approved, Netflix will close your account, the text reads, adding that you can click on a link to “change” your credit card information.

True or false: Is the text “Your Netflix account will be closed” really what it says it is?
There is no truth to the text that says “Your Netflix Account Will Be Locked.” People who ask for Netflix logins and passwords on websites that aren’t Netflix are most likely scammers.

What is the 469 Area Code?
These phishing schemes appear to come from numbers with the 469 area code, which is in the Dallas, Texas area. This doesn’t mean that the scammers live in Dallas. It is standard practice for scammers to make a fake phone number before sending a phishing text.

Do you think Netflix has only one scam where you get spammed by text?
It’s a shame, but it isn’t. In late 2020, a lot of people got messages and emails about a “one-year free Netflix deal,” which was another scam. In addition, scammers used special “promotions,” malicious Google Calendar links, and fake log-in alerts to try to get people to give them money.

A scam message might look like:

Does Netflix Send Text Messages
Does Netflix Send Text Messages


If they ask about personal information, account login, or ask you to click certain link then they are probably scam big time.

Using the Netflix Help Center, you can learn how to recognize phishing messages and emails that are sent by people who don’t work for Netflix. An email or text message (SMS) asking for your Netflix login, password, or payment method “most likely” wasn’t sent by Netflix itself.

Subscribers will never be asked to give their personal information in a text or email (such as credit or debit card numbers, bank account information, or Netflix passwords). The company will also never ask for money from a third-party company or website, like PayPal.

If you get a weird text or email, don’t click any links or open any attachments. If you don’t want to do that, send the email to [email protected] instead. The business will look into it.

You should change your Netflix password right away, call your bank, and change your passwords on other websites that use the same login and password combination.

When did you last get an email or text message (SMS) from Netflix? They want you to give them your Netflix account information, like your email address or phone number. There’s a good chance that did not start with us. Here are some tips for spotting and dealing with emails or texts that don’t seem right, and for making sure your account is safe.

How can I tell if an email or text message is from Netflix?

text or email: We will never ask for personal information from you and we won’t do that All of these things are in this:

Counts of credit or debit cards

The details of the bank account that the person has

Passwords to the Netflix service

We will never ask for money from a third-party seller or a website that we don’t own.

SMS or emails that have links to URLs you don’t know should not be clicked or tapped. If you have already done so, please don’t put any information on the new site.

What should I do if I accidentally clicked a link or fill in my personal information on a site?
Change your Netflix password to one that is safe and specific to Netflix.

Do this on any websites where you use the same email address and password.

Contact your bank to find out if it has been hacked, even if you didn’t put in any payment information.

Does Netflix Send Text Messages
Does Netflix Send Text Messages

If you follow the steps above, you can send the mail to [email protected]

What are the best ways to keep my personal information safe?
Always be careful if you get an email or text that asks for personal information.

When you’re not sure, don’t click on a link and instead visit the company’s website right away.

When you send personal or financial information through email, do not do it.

Examine the sender’s address to make sure it looks real.

Before you click on a link on a computer, hover over it to see its URL. Assure that the links work as they should.

Make sure you have anti-virus software on your computer and other devices to help keep them safe.

The holidays are a time when Netflix subscriptions can be interrupted, and no one wants that to happen.

You might also think that’s what a forgery of a text that’s been around wanting you to think.

A new scam message says that Netflix will close your account because you didn’t pay.

People who work for the Wisconsin Better Business Bureau (BBB) say that there has been a rise in text message scams.

Does Netflix Send Text Messages

“Messages from Amazon, Netflix, bank accounts e-mail providers, and Google say that ‘your account has been hijacked and you need to click on the link.’ In order for you to click on that link, the fraudster wants you to give them your personal information and download malware or spyware to your computer or mobile device, so they can get money from you “Those words were said by Tiffany Schultz, the Regional Director of the Wisconsin Better Business Bureau. “Do not click on it; just delete it, because it has a fraudster who wants to get your personal information. if you’re not sure, check the business’s phone number and call them to see what they say.”

People may try to get your personal information or money by promising you a second stimulus check, the BBB says.

“Official communication from news organisations is very important. That person is lying to you if he or she tells you how to get your information faster or how to get your stimulus check faster than other people “Schultz said that. “The IRS will never call, email, text, or pop up a window to ask for money. They will only get in touch with you through regular mail.”

In a new text message scam, you are told that you have been sent $1,200 from a COVID-19 fund.

According to the IRS, if you click on it, you’ll go to a fake IRS website.

Officials tell people not to click on it or give out any personal information, and to report it to the IRS.

Does Netflix Send Text Messages
Does Netflix Send Text Messages