Morninghead Cap Review

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In the morning, the Morning Head Shower Cap is a bed head cure for untidy hair that is easy to put on. It’s a simple way to wash your hair if you’re running late and don’t have time for a shower or to stick your head in the sink to wash it.

Morninghead Cap Review
Morninghead Cap Review

Positive feedback on the Morning Head Shower Cap shows it is an effective way to avoid the “just woke up” appearance. Are the Sharks interested in investing in the MorningHead device?

When it comes to shower products, a shower cap is usually an afterthought, but you should never underestimate its value. When it comes to hairstyle maintenance, a shower cap is a must-have for those who don’t like to wash their hair daily. If you’ve spent a lot of time and effort trying to get your hair in shape, these products will ensure that it doesn’t go to waste.

Morninghead Cap Review
Morninghead Cap Review

Not to mention the fact that some shower caps have applications outside of the bathroom. Even if you don’t sleep with it on, a shower cap can help your hair conditioning treatments work better. There is even more good news: Today’s shower caps come in a wide variety of vibrant colors as well as patterns and textures.

The time and money you put into getting your hair blown out should be rewarded. To ensure that your hairdo lasts as long as possible, Drybar has created the Morning After Shower Cap. You may not notice the terry cloth material on the inside of this shower cap, but it helps keep your hair from becoming frizzy by preventing steam and moisture from getting in. It’s also a generous size, which means that every strand of your long hair will be covered.

Online Reviews of Morninghead Cap

Review #1

Wow! After seeing how quickly the Sharks had dismissed this, I decided to give it a whirl. To my delight, I discovered it on Amazon. They should have taken advantage of it. The cap does exactly what it’s meant to do and more. When my hair is down to my shoulders, it’s curly medium-length hair. Using it in the morning is great, but I also like the fact that I can wet just one half of my hair and then run it over the rest of my hair before I leave the house without having to wet my hair down or mess with how I had it fixed already. On the weekends, after a short nap and before heading out to dinner, I can use this to restyle my hair. When it comes to cleaning my hair, I think it’s one of the best inventions ever made. My hair doesn’t get as frizzy as it does when I use a face cloth because of this. It’s well worth the money, and you should be able to get a new one every two or three months as part of the “subscribe and save” program.

Review #2

This product is perfect for my hair, which is short. Great things can be said for both sides! It stays wet longer when I wash it on the non-pouress side. My chin-length hair is perfectly suited to the product’s stated purpose. The Sharks were completely mistaken in their assessment of the situation! The ad campaign just needed a little fine-tuning. I did watch that show and ordered the first thing I saw. You’ll find that every mother of a young boy will beg you to create a version for boys aged 6 and under, complete with a boys theme. Shorter hair is great, but I can’t see it on everyone. Makeup application is a breeze with hair out of the way!

Review #3

Instead of running your head under the sink to get a drink of water, use this instead. As an alternative to using the sink, this method is much more water efficient and leaves no trace behind.

I bought it, used it, and fell in love with it, so I bought another for my father-in-law, who has always washed in the sink to get rid of his bedhead.

Wearing a hat when I get out of bed to do things like run errands, pick up the mail, or water the yard is not something I enjoy doing. This helps me quickly and easily tame my hairdo.

When worn, it does resemble a large, white shower cap. However, despite what the label on the package says, you shouldn’t wear it outside the house.

Review #4

MorningHead has always piqued my interest. Until I received a message from someone on Facebook, I had given up hope of finding one, and I immediately placed an order. Because I work long hours and only shower at night, I finally had a good reason to invest in one after cutting my hair short.

It looks great on me, a middle-aged man with medium-length hair. Some of the negative reviews have convinced me that the reviewers either don’t know what they’re talking about or have very long hair. None of their claims have come up in my research.

My hair is completely wet, the water didn’t spill or make a mess, it doesn’t smell bad, and the cap is easy to clean after using MorningHead (so far).

It shouldn’t be necessary for me to explain, but here is what has worked for me:

swish a little water under the faucet to get the cap wet (make sure all fabric has absorbed water, including the edges).

Let the remaining water drain out of the cap by flipping it right side up. Only a sponge that doesn’t leak is left (until pressure is applied).

Get into a sitting position and put the cap over your head.

Applying even pressure to your head causes your hair to soak up the water (you may need to rotate the cap so the back of your head gets wet).

If your hair is wet, pat it dry with a towel.

Hang the cap to dry after wringing it out and turning it inside out.

I admire the creator as well as the product, and I wish them both the best of luck. In my opinion, the sticker that people are complaining about is ridiculous. The fact that a sticker is allowing him to deliver goods is something we should applaud.

Review #5

This was a gift for my boyfriend, who absolutely adores it. To style his hair in the morning, he used to wet his hair under the faucet and then put it in a ponytail or braid. He’s out the door much faster now that he just wets the cap, rubs it on his head, and styles it. Can go on vacation or to work after he rides his bike to the office, and it doesn’t drip.

Review #6

While I rarely use it, it hasn’t let me down yet. After a nap, I sometimes use it. Using a funnel, I add about 6 ounces of water, then squeeze the cap to ensure that it is distributed evenly. After that, I’m going to put the cap on and give my hair a little bit of a massage. My large head (7-7/8 cap size) fits comfortably in this hat without any dripping. Using this to moisten my hair allows me to brush it afterwards, which is helpful because my hair is difficult to manage. As of now, this has saved me a great deal of time and effort.

Review #7

That’s what I gave my husband, who was always trying to soak his hair to get rid of his bedhead and making a mess in the bathroom sink. In my opinion, this is a much better solution. He just rubs it around at the sink instead of leaving it on. If he wanted to, he could just wear it, but that’s fine. I’m happy because he likes it and there isn’t a lot of water splashing all over the place. This is a great idea!

Review #8

After seeing it on Shark Tank, I bought this as an anniversary gift for my husband. As a prank, I bought it because I thought it would be funny. After seeing the show’s pitch, my husband was ecstatic to receive it. He’s tested it out, and it works as expected. It’s a silly, amusing present that does exactly what it says it will. It’s something I’d purchase again.

Review #9

I had to buy this after seeing it on Shark Tank with my son. This is a great method! Afterwards, he dries it by putting it on his head and rubbing it. No longer does it look like he just got out of bed every morning before heading to school (which he did).

Review #10

It’s true that the commercial is amusing and my husband enjoys referring to this product by its name. However, this is an extremely useful item for both parents and children alike. When I take a shower or a bath in the evenings with my toddler, we both end up with clean hair but a ridiculous-looking hairdo. Our bed-head looks much better after using this cap instead of a brush to saturate and tame it. Because of the unusual name, I predict this will be a popular stocking stuffer or secret Santa item. However, I also believe that people will find this to be quite useful.

Review #11

On most days, I work out after work and take a shower before bedtime. I used to bend over the sink and use a plastic cup to pour water over my head before purchasing this product. Had a towel set up to “catch errant water,” but it didn’t work out so well because I kept sprinkling it all over the counter and floor. It’s over! I don’t have to worry about splattering thanks to the Morninghead Cap! And it only takes about a third of the time, too. A wonderful product. I’ve had it for a little over a month and I’m still pleased with it. After seeing it on Shark Tank, I bought it.) In my opinion, the sharks messed up on this one.)

Review #12

Morning head has made me very happy. It does what it says on the tin. In the morning, I wet and style my short hair. It’s not fun for me to shower again in the morning after a nighttime bath. Use this to get my hair wet and ready for styling.

Review #13

A commercial for this product popped up while we were watching Shark Tank together. He couldn’t stop laughing even though the product’s name was ridiculous, so he bought it right away. It’s something she uses every day and enjoys.

Review #14

For my husband, who takes his showers at night, this is ideal. The hair on the side or back of his head would always be uneven for years after I noticed it every time he left for work and returned. That’s no longer an issue, thanks to this product.

Review #15

Initially, I found the name of this product to be amusing, but it didn’t seem practical or worthwhile to me. After the third time I heard about it, I decided to do some more research and found that it had a lot of positive reviews, so I decided to give it a whirl for the low price of $10.

Using this product will help keep your bathroom and clothes dry. Fill it up and put the cap on when my hair is messy in the morning before work or after a nap. It works great. My hands and head used to drip everywhere when I put them under the sink, but now there’s barely any water at all.

Review #16

This product is incredibly simple to use. Let it sit on your head for a few minutes before removing it, and you’re done. My hair was wet and ready to style in a matter of minutes. It’s ideal for those of us who work out at night, shower, and then have to get up early in the morning to get to work.

Review #17

It’s a fantastic product! It accomplishes the task at hand. To avoid lint and fuzz accumulating on the towel portion of the cap, I strongly recommend washing it separately. I contacted customer service, and they immediately sent me a replacement. A better outcome could not have been imagined.

Review #18

My jaw dropped when I saw this on Shark Tank; I thought it was a brilliant concept. When I wake up from a short nap or a shower the night before, my hair is a mess. The water would splash all over my backside when I took a shower, and I couldn’t get enough of my head wet. It was a pain, but I was curious to see how it worked.

After a few uses, I can say that I am very pleased with this purchase. To get the right amount of water in, you’ll have to experiment a bit. When done correctly, however, the water does not leak out, as was the case with my hair. Towel drying my hair was like getting out of the shower at this point. My house stays dry and I look good because of this. Wow, that’s a great idea.

Review #19

Due to his difficulty waking up early, my 10-year-old prefers to take a shower before going to bed. So, after seeing it on Shark Tank, we figured it was worth a shot since he always wakes up with the wackiest hair ever. When he wakes up on school days, he uses it!

Review #20

It does exactly what it claims to do. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a difficult time dealing with my hair in the mornings. Now that I don’t have to worry about straightening my frizzy hair in the morning, I can sleep in an extra ten minutes.

To help my father, who suffers from sleep apnea and wakes up with an awful cowlick because of the mask that he wears, I purchased one for him as well. With this, he is able to get rid of it quickly and move on.

This is an excellent product that I have no reservations about recommending. Purchases for gifts will be forthcoming.

Review #21

It was exactly what I expected it to be. The fact that it’s simple to use, hang, and dry is a plus for me. I’m aware that microfiber cloths are popular, but I prefer this because it’s easier for me to carry around. I bought a house for each of my three residences, of which I now own three.

Review #22

Because I have to get up late for work, I prefer to shower at night. I no longer have to wear morning hair to work because I have morning head! Make sure to thoroughly clean your hair after using this product, or you could end up with a headache.

Review #23

Thank you so much for the excellent service and product, but most importantly for the company’s integrity! Morninghead is a great place to stay. He loves it, and I appreciate that my bathroom sink is no longer drenched from his hair-wetting habits of the past..

Review #24

Every morning, my 7-year-old son fights me to brush his hair. I hate it because it’s thick, coarse, and a little curly. When I saw this on Shark Tank, I bought it right away. Yesterday, it arrived, and I had my son test it out. He loved it! No matter what shark tank said, I don’t care. I’m in love with it. Due to the fact that I am unable to use a needle and thread, I do not care about the price. The product worked well for me, but because my hair is longer, I had to use it with caution. Love it! 🙂